EDR6D1 Everydrop 4396701 Water Filter 6

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Everydrop Brand Filters

Buy in stock Everydrop Filters for your Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air refrigerator filters. Replace yours with wholesale pricing on all water filters and get Fast Shipping & How to Replace instructions.

Everydrop Brand Filters


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How to Replace Everydrop EDR6D1 Water Filter 6

Replacement Instructions

  1. Twist the old filter a quarter-turn counterclockwise
  2. Pull the filter straight out (the water will shut off automatically)
  3. Remove the reusable color-keyed Filter Cap from the end
  4. Discard the old filter
  5. Slide the Filter Cap onto the end of the new filter
  6. Push the new filter into the fridge until it stops
  7. Twist the filter a quarter-turn clockwise
  8. Reset your ‘change filter’ light (if your fridge has one)

Resetting Your Filter Change Indicator

  1. Press the light switch (the one that the refrigerator door presses each time you close the door) 5 times within 10 seconds.
  2. OR: if the refrigerator has a filter button, press and hold it for 5-10 seconds.

Filter6 Tips

Maintenance For Refrigerator Water Filtration System.

  1. Flush Filter with Water from Dispenser (Approximately 2 gallons) until Water Runs Clear and air is purged from system.
  2. Write the date of installation on the filter and mark your calendar for 4 – 6 months as a reminder to Change Your Filter.

EDR6D1 Everydrop WF-L200V Water Filter 6
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Replaces Part Numbers: WF-NL120V, WF-L200V, AP5983566, PS11722135, AH11722135, EAP11722135, 4273166, 4396701, 4396702, 4396703, W10281560, 2301705, 1027083, AH896775, AP3597016, EAP896775, PS896775 or Kenmore 9086, 9915, 2301706, 46-9915. LC200, NLC120V, WF-L200 or WFL20.

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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 2.125 × 2.125 in

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