Frigidaire EPTWFU01 PureSource Ultra II Filter


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PureSource Ultra II Water and Ice Refrigerator Filter EPTWFU01

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Located Inside the Refrigerator Compartment At The Upper Right Rear Ceiling with the Push & Twist style.
Fits Frigidaire, Electrolux, Crosley, White Westinghouse, Gibson and Some Kenmore (253. Series) PureSource3 Refrigerators.
Replaces Part Numbers: 807946701, 34-8719-1468-4, AP5962272, 5304520985, 5304519147, 807946701, PS11704498, AH11704498, EAP11704498.
Reduces: Reduces Chlorine Taste & Odor, Particulates Class I, Cysts, Lead, Mercury, Pesticides, Insecticides, BPA, Asbestos, Pharmaceuticals and more.
Does not remove fluoride from your water.

Replace your water filter every 3 months or 200 gallons, whichever comes first.

Replacement Instructions

  1. Turn Off the ice maker power switch.
  2. Remove the old filter by rotating it counterclockwise (to the left) 90 degrees to release it.
  3. Slide the old filter cartridge straight out of the housing and discard it.
  4. Unpackage the new filter cartridge. Slide it into the filter housing as far as it will go with the grip end horizontal.
  5. Push lightly inward on the filter while rotating it clockwise (to the right). The filter will then pull itself inward as it is rotated. Rotate the filter 90 degrees until it stops and the grip end is vertical.
  6. You may be able to feel a very light click as the filter locks into place.

Resetting Your Filter Change Indicator

Press and hold the reset button on the dispenser until the green light flashes (up to 15 seconds).

Maintenance For Refrigerator Water Filtration System.

  1. Flush Filter with Water from Dispenser (Approximately 2 gallons) until Water Runs Clear and air is purged from system.
  2. Write the date of installation on the filter and mark your calendar for 4 – 6 months as a reminder to Change Your Filter.

The EPTWFU01 PureSource Ultra II is found for the following models.