2313702 Complete Water Pump Assembly WP2313702

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Whirlpool 2313702 WP2313702 Complete Recirculating Pump Assembly

This Pump Continuously Circulates Water From the Water Storage Container To and Across The Evaporator and Back to the Water Storage Container.
Includes: Pump, Water Sensor & Plastic Mounting Bracket.
Replaces Part Numbers: 2313702, AP6007226, PS11740337, AH11740337, EAP11740337, 1199605, AH1484571, AP3959570, EAP1484571, PS1484571.

Installing the Whirlpool WP2313702 Complete Pump Assembly:

  • First disconnect the power to the unit.
  • Unscrew the drain cap from the bottom of the reservoir and let the water drain out.
  • Remove the screw from the recirculation pump shield & pull out the recirculation pump shield and set it aside.
  • The drain pump is attached to the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Disconnect the drain pump wire harness from the connection plug above the recirculation pump.
  • Remove the 2 thumbscrews from the reservoir and pull the reservoir (with the drain pump attached) out of the ice maker.
  • Remove the recirculation pump outlet tube.
  • Remove the screws from the pump mounting bracket and pull the bracket down to access the wire harness connections for the pump.
  • Disconnect the recirculation pump wire harness and the sensor wire harness from the connection plugs.
  • Pull the pump, sensor and bracket out of the ice maker as one unit.
  • Position the complete pump, sensor and bracket in the ice maker and plug in the wire harness connections for the recirculation pump and the sensor.
  • Reinstall the bracket and secure it with the mounting screws.
  • Reconnect the pump outlet tube to the recirculation pump.
  • Reinstall the reservoir and secure it with the 2 thumbscrews.
  • Plug in the wire harness for the drain pump.
  • Position the recirculation pump shield over the pump and reinstall the mounting screws in the shield.
  • Reinstall the drain cap on the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Remove the cloth that was used to cover the drain hole in the ice storage bin.
  • Plug the ice maker back the wall outlet or reset the house circuit breaker to restore power.
  • Now would be the perfect time to run the machine thru a cleaning cycle.
  • Now it?s all done and ready to start producing ice.

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