GE WR57x25653 Water Valve WR57X10027

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GE WR57x25653 – WR57X10027 Ice Machine Water Valve

Has 1/4 inch Threaded Water Inlet Port – 1/4 inch Threaded Water Outlet Port.
Replaces Part Numbers: 880067, AH304369, AP2071739, EAP304369, PS304369.

Installation Instructions

  • First disconnect the power to the unit.
  • Turn incoming water off to ice machine.
  • Remove 2 screws in the lower access panel and the 2 screws from the base grille area of the front panel support.
  • Pull forward to remove lower access panel.
  • Locate water inlet valve on the left side.
  • Unscrew water valve mounting bracket screws and gently pull valve forward.
  • Put towel under valve area to catch leaking water from tubes when doing the replacement.
  • Disconnect wire harness.
  • Disconnect water inlet tubing by unscrewing nut.
  • Disconnect water outlet tubing by unscrewing nut.
  • Now put old valve aside and replace with new water valve.
  • Attach inlet and outlet water tubes.
  • Attach wire harness.
  • Position water valve to install the mounting bracket screws.
  • Turn water on and check for leaks.
  • Install access panel and base grill.
  • Reconnect the power to the unit.
  • Now would be the perfect time to run the machine thru a cleaning cycle.
  • Now it is all done and ready to start producing ice.

You save approximately $125.00 by doing this repair yourself.

The WR57x25653 Water Valve is found for the following models.