XWFE Water Filter Has RFID Wrapper by GE


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GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter XWF


The XWFE Filter replaces the XWF Filter and is embedded with Leak-Detecting Sensing Technology.
This innovation enables refrigerators to shut down the water valve when a leak is detected at the filter.
The size, shape, assembly, and installation of the filter remains unchanged from the previous XWF filter.
To have Leak-Detecting Sensing Technology, the XWFE filter uses a RFID sensor (Radio-Frequency Identification).
It Seems GE has been making changes to this Filter!
Some Have Made in USA & Some Have Made in China on them!
We Do Not Know What GE Is Doing With These Filters!
It Seems that Older Filters Have an RFID CHIP EMBEDED UNDER WRAPPER and Later Filters Have NO CHIP BEING EMBEDED UNDER WRAPPER ANYMORE! The RFID is the Wrapper Itself!

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