GE XWFE Water Filter Has RFID Wrapper

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GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter XWF
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The XWFE Filter replaces the XWF Filter and is embedded with Leak-Detecting Sensing Technology.
This innovation enables refrigerators to shut down the water valve when a leak is detected at the filter.
The size, shape, assembly, and installation of the filter remains unchanged from the previous XWF filter.
To have Leak-Detecting Sensing Technology, the XWFE filter uses a RFID sensor (Radio-Frequency Identification).
It Seems GE has been making changes to this Filter!
Some Have Made in USA & Some Have Made in China on them!
We Do Not Know What GE Is Doing With These Filters!
It Seems that Older Filters Have an RFID CHIP EMBEDED UNDER WRAPPER and Later Filters Have NO CHIP BEING EMBEDED UNDER WRAPPER ANYMORE! The RFID is the Wrapper Itself!

Recent Review to GE from a customer:

Discovered that the CORRECT “no ribs” filter is only shipped with the fridge that is labeled “Made in CHINA”…
The REPLACEMENT filters that GE currently offers which are “ONLY with ribs” as a replacement and are labeled “Made in USA”…
Well, they don’t work and continue to show ERROR!
Very DISAPPOINTING and I will no longer be recommending GE products to any of my RV customers!
Response from GE:

Thank you kindly for connecting with us and providing feedback on your refrigerator’s water filter. We can certainly understand that when a part you are used to seeing suddenly changes, it can raise lots of questions.

XWFE is indeed the correct filter for your PVD28BYNBFS. In early 2022 we changed the design of our XWFE filters, and they now have slots or spikes on the head. The new filter will still fit in the same spot as the old one with a little extra force needed to push it all the way in, and it is okay that the arrows may not line up completely. The error your seeing can be due to it not being set in place all the way.

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