How Well Do Filters Work

Question: Do Refrigerator Water Filters Really Work?

The 2 most common questions we receive about refrigerator filters are:
(1)   “Should I even need to use a refrigerator water filter”?
(1a) If you have the purest cleanest water coming to your refrigerator then No.
(1b) If you do not have the purest cleanest water coming to your refrigerator then Yes.
(2)   “What should I use if my refrigerator does not have a built-in water filter”?
(2a) A common choice for refrigerators with no built-in water filters is to use an In-Line Filter. These are designed for Refrigerators, Plumbed Coffee Makers, Water Coolers & Under Counter Ice Machines with 1/4 inch outside diameter copper or plastic tubing. These filters are connected directly to the waterline going to the fridge. Some people also use these filters as a pre-filter for their refrigerators that also have a built-in filter in order to get better performance from their more expensive built-in refrigerator filter.

Local Water Treatment Plants

The most common disinfection method is some form of chlorine which local water treatment plants currently use. Water is disinfected to destroy any pathogens. Some pathogens include viruses, bacteria, including E coli, Campylobacter, Shigella and protozoans including Giardia lamblia and other Cryptosporidia. A great article on the subject of water treatment plants is by Filtronics.

Direct Quote from Good Housekeeping Article “Hormones, drugs, even pesticides could be flowing from your faucet. No one can say for sure, because the government doesn’t require testing for them. But in groundbreaking research, Good Housekeeping found ordinary water pitchers and refrigerator filters that can get rid of these scary chemicals”.

The Bottom Line is this:

Can you absolutely Trust your Local Water Treatment Plant?? Remember what happened to Flint, Michigan to help you make your decision. In-Line Water Filters are a great pre-filter for your added security to getting the best performance from your Built-In Refrigerator Water Filter

Basic Run Down of How Water Filters Work

Water Filters for Refrigerators are made of an Activated Carbon Block in which water is forced thru thereby filtering the contaminants, pollutants and particles from your water source. This will end up giving you much healthier, safer and cleaner ice and water for you and your family.

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