Water Valve Tips

1. Check the water supply line (make sure that you are getting the proper water pressure to the water solenoid valve). Self tapping ‘Saddle Type Valves’ and or Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Units can restrict the flow of water to the Refrigerator Water Solenoid Valve. Should be at least a full 1/4″ non-restricted flow at the water supply valve!

2. If the water inlet tube is frozen over with ice (not letting water pass into the ice maker), this is a sign of a leaking water valve. The water Solenoid Valve should be replaced.

3. Checking a Dual Water Valve: (Make sure the water inlet tube is clear!) Take the 2 wires from one solenoid and put them on the other solenoid and vice versa . Then put a glass to the door,(like you are getting water from the door) for 7-9 seconds. Then check the ice maker and see if water is in the ice maker. If no water is in the ice maker, change the water valve. (Don’t forget to put the wires back as they were).