How to Replace Frigidaire EPTWFU01 Water Filter

Product Page —-> Frigidaire EPTWFU01 PureSource Ultra II Water Filter

Replacement Instructions

  1. Locate Filter inside fridge at right upper rear wall.
  2. Turn the old water filter counter-clockwise to remove.
  3. Install the new water filter by inserting it into the housing and turning it clockwise to lock it into place.

Resetting Your Filter Change Indicator

Press and hold the reset button on the dispenser until the green light flashes (up to 15 seconds).

Maintenance For Refrigerator Water Filtration System.

  1. Flush Filter with Water from Dispenser (Approximately 2 gallons) until Water Runs Clear and air is purged from system.
  2. Write the date of installation on the filter and mark your calendar for 4 – 6 months as a reminder to Change Your Filter.