Easy Slip Tube Fitting Instructions

Connecting a push-in fitting
For a proper seal, all tube ends inserted into a push-in fitting must be round and free from surface damage. Tube ends can be prepared by cutting damaged or deformed areas from end of tube. Tubing must be cut square with no burrs or sharp edges on tubing surface. To insert, push  the tube firmly into the push-in fitting until the tube contacts the tube stop. When inserting the tube, one will encounter some resistance when the tube contacts the o-ring seal. Push the tubing through the o-ring seal until the tube contacts the tube stop. Pull on the tube firmly to verify it is secure. Turn on the water and check for leaks.

Disconnecting a push-in fitting
Shut off the water supply and depressurize system. Push the collet (gripper) firmly against the fitting and pull the tube away from the fitting.

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