Water Filter Tips

1) If your Refrigerator or RO System has an Indicator Light(a light which lets you know basically the status of the filter or filters-when to replace the filter-s), and it is Yellow, you should replace the filter(s) and flush the system. Do not wait until the light turns Red. When you do, you will have to flush at least 2 gallons of water (sometimes up to 7 gallons) before you have clear-good tasting and smelling water.

2) If your water tastes bad, or has an odor to it, try flushing a gallon out of the system and checking the water again. If the water is still bad tasting or smelling-Replace the Water Filter(s).

3) Is your water flow rate real slow or slower than normal? If so, you need to check your filter ie: Date of last install(always put date of install on filter-usually an ink pen will write on the label of filter). If the filter has been in for at least 3 months, it is a good sign to try replacing the filter.

4) If your flow rate is still not normal after changing the water filter, you would need to check the flow rate comming from your water source ie:(where the water line originates-under sink-behind the refrigerator-etc.). Water line tap valves are a good place to check because they get develop a build-up of lime and scale from the water.

5) If flow rate is good to the refrigerator, and the filter has been changed (or has less than 3 months of use), You would need to check your refrigerator water valve (See Trouble Shooting Tips for Water Valves).

6) Tips for Reverse Osmosis Systems. Most people do not understand that the pre-filter(s) of a RO system require replacing at least every 4 months. The post-filter(usually looks like a refrigerator in-line filter) should be changed each 6 months. The RO Membrane should be replaced Once A Year! If these schedules are kept up, you will find your water quality much better.