Frequently Asked Questions

After Replacing Fridge Filter – Water Puddles at Dispenser.

Water Puddling is caused when the installing with a new filter and Not getting the air totally out of the new filter and system.
What happens is like a back pressure effect and when you stop at the glass, the system still has built up pressure from the air still in the system. Since the water system is not pressurized the back pressure pushes out the water. Try flushing a couple more gallons out at the dispenser and then check for puddling.

Problem Getting Filter All the Way In Place.

Sometimes when replacing a water filter in your refrigerator, You might need to lubricate the o-rings on the filter in order to get the filter to go all the way into it’s receptacle.

When To Change A Refrigerator Filter?

When the water comes out of the dispenser slower than usual – that is a good time to change the water filter.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

WaterFilterMart has been on the internet since 2000. We are the first online store to sell primarily water filters and ice makers for refrigerators.