LG LT800P ADQ73613401 Water Filter Kenmore 9490

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Inside at the Ceiling or Behind Door Bin in Door

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Genuine Refrigerator Water Filter (ADQ73613401) LT800P

Used For some LG and Kenmore (795. Series) French Door or Side by Side Refrigerators with Filter Located in a Flip Down Compartment At The Left Side Rear of Ceiling OR behind lower door bin in left side refrigerator door.
This OEM LG LT-800P filter cartridge is tested and certified by NSF International to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of:

2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D)
Chlorine Taste & Odor
Lead at pH 6.5
Lead at pH 8.5
Mercury at pH 6.5
Mercury at pH 8.5
Particulates (Class I)
Replaces Part Numbers: ADQ73613408, AGM76550401, AP6836220, PS12714188, EAP12714188, AH12714188, Kenmore 46-9490, 469490, R-9490, 9490.

Replacement Instructions (CEILING MOUNT)

  1. Locate Filter in a Flip Down Compartment At The Left Side Rear of Ceiling and Pinch sides of the water filter cover to open and pull downward.
  2. Rotate Water Filter Downward and turn counterclockwise to remove the water filter. NOTE: If the filter is hard to remove, turn off water supply and relieve pressure at refrigerator door water dispenser before installing new filter.
  3. Holding new filter, remove the packaging and end-cap.
  4. Insert the new water filter into the filter head and turn it clockwise until it clicks in place.
  5. Rotate the water filter up into position and close the cover until it snaps shut.
  6. Run water from the dispenser for 5 minutes (about 2.5 gallons) to clear the system and prevent sputtering.
  7. Reset your indicator light (if your fridge has one).

Resetting Your Filter Change Indicator

  1. Hold down the LIGHT/FILTER button for 3 seconds.

Maintenance For Refrigerator Water Filtration System

  1. Flush Filter with Water from Dispenser (Approximately 2 gallons) until Water Runs Clear and air is purged from system.
  2. Write the date of installation on the filter and mark your calendar for 4 – 6 months as a reminder to Change Your Filter.

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