2198597 Whirlpool Ice Maker AP3182733

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Whirlpool Kenmore 2198597 Upper Front Mount Ice Maker
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The 2198597 refrigerator ice maker by whirlpool Used for 25cf – 27cf models and produces 8-cubes per batch.
Has a specially designed Ice Stripper that allows the ice to slide from the ice maker into the vertical ice container that is located directly in the freezer door.
This ice maker is controlled by an ‘Optic LED Sensor’ that scans the level of ice in the ice container.
When the ice level in the container blocks the led beam (Full of Ice) it (shuts off the ice maker).
When the ice level in the container is below the led beam (Low of Ice) it (turns on the ice maker).

Here are the 4 things to check!
1. (Freezer temp. approx. 0? to 5?)
2. (ice level optics board)
3. (water inlet valve)
4. (ice maker).

Includes Front Cover & Wire Harness.

Replaces Part Numbers: 2198678, 1016069, AH869316, AP3182733, EAP869316, PS869316, 626663, W10122502, 106 W10190960.

Installation Instructions

  • Turn off the power supply to the ice maker by pushing the switch (located on the wall just below the ice maker) to the off position.
  • Remove the ice bucket from the freezer door. This will provide more room to work.
  • Carefully remove the ice maker service door by spreading the 2 hinge fingers apart (away from the center). The door should then lift out of the slot.
  • To remove the wire cover, remove the one screw from the upper right rear of ice maker area.
  • Then slide out your ice maker as you hold in the locking tab on the left side of the mounting bracket area.
  • Remove the ice maker by unplugging the unit on the right and place on a table or workbench.
  • Then flip the ice maker to remove the screws that hold the bottom mounting tray.
  • Now use the same screws to fit the new ice maker to the mounting tray (bracket) and follow the above steps in reverse order to install new ice maker.
  • Now simply switch on the ice maker and wait for some ice.

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