EveryDrop® Water Filter 5 – EDR5RXD1 replaces 4396508




EveryDrop® (EDR5RXD1) Refrigerator Water Filter 5 replaces 4396508

The Triple Filtration Technology of Everydrop Water Filter 5 (EDR5RXD1) takes water filtration to the next level. This advanced filtration system provides three filtration processes, namely; Particle Filtration, Micro Filtration, and Absorption Filtration.

Each filtration process caters for different types and sizes of particles. The Particle Filtration eliminates large particles, the Micro Filtration removes medium-size particles, and the Absorption Filtration absorbs minute-size particles from your water source.

The carbon filter of the Refrigerator Water Filter 5 EDR5RXD1 should be replaced after the filtration of over 200 gallons of water or alternatively after a 6-month period of use.

Everydrop EDR5RXD1 Refrigerator Water Filter 5 is 2.3 x 3 x 11.6 inches (LxWxH) in dimension and weighs a petty 10 oz (0.28 kg). Approved by several Refrigerator brands like Maytag, KitchenAid, JennAir, and Amana, the Everydrop Water Filter 5 is a highly reputed water filtration system.

The NSF Certified Everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter 5 EDR5RXD1 (Pack of 1) is available worldwide today for just $35 – well less than mfg. list of $59.95 (excluding shipping costs).

Located Thru Lower Front Grill – 1/4 Turn to Remove/Replace.

Replace your refrigerator filter every 3 – 6 months to maximize contaminant reduction .

Replaces Part Numbers: EDR5RXD1, 4396508, 4396508P, 4396508T, 4396918, W10790820, WF-NL500, WF-NL300, WF-L500, W10141392, NL500, NL300, NL300, NL-500, NL-300, NL 500, NL 300, AP3182816, PS879461, AH879461, EAP879461, 1017291, 4396547, 4396509, 4396163, 4392857R, 4392857, 2255519, 2255518, 2203220, 2200203, 2203980, 2186444, Kenmore 9085, 9902, 9908, 9010, 4396510, 4396510P, 4396510T, 8212652, 4396548, 4396164, 4392922, 2255709, AP3672633, 1038683, PS896755, EAP896755, 2203221, AP5983565, PS11722132, AH11722132, EAP11722132.
Does not remove fluoride from your water.

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