Top 6 Everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter EDR Series with Triple Filtration Technology
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Provide your home with any one of six Everydrop Refrigerator Water & Ice Filter EDR series units:

– edr1rxd1 Refrigerator Water Filter,
– edr2rxd1 Refrigerator Water Filter,
– edr3rxd1 Refrigerator Water Filter,
– edr4rxd1 Refrigerator Water Filter,
– edr5rxd1 Refrigerator Water Filter,
– edr6d1 Refrigerator Water Filter.

Everydrop Refrigerator WaterFilters are fitted with non-toxic coconut shell carbon filters to provide a more thorough and natural water filtration for your home.

Each Everydrop Water Filter runs on Triple Filtration Technology designed to remove Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Pesticide, and Pharmaceutical-based contaminants from your water source.

This triple action filtration process includes a Particle Filtration, Micro Filtration, and Absorption Filtration technology.

The Particle Filtration blocks off large-size contaminants while the Micro Filtration captures medium-size contaminants, and the Absorption Filtration is perfect for absorbing contaminants of a microscopic nature.

Everydrop Water Filters are ideal for your refrigerator and are compatible with the Everydrop Water Dispenser. You and your family are guaranteed perfect ice filtration and fresh clean drinking water at all times.